An amateur hockey league and sheer chance bring a group of strangers together once a week to play a friendly game. Although each has different reasons for playing, they all have one thing in common: no one really wants to play hockey.

Categories Web Series , Fictions

01. Challenge

The goal of Hockey30 was to abandon overused hockey memes and produce fresh fictional content. Our job was reach beyond hard-core hockey fans and engage a wider, more diverse audience.

02. Strategy

We chose to favour a strong narrative structure and extremely rhythmic dialogue. We knew that our best option was to aim for comedy without, however, overlooking the development of rich characters. To this end, our creative team collaborated with two screenwriters with experience writing comedy as well as series. We achieved our goals by publishing Hockey30 on a specialized hockey blog and attracting a targeted audience via YouTube.

03. Results

After a few weeks online, the episode had been viewed more than 10,000 times and garnered numerous positive comments from spectators who particularly liked the platform’s originality.

Eve Duranceau
Vincent Fafard
Denis Houle
Simon Lacroix
Émilie Leclerc
Bruno Marcil
Karl Farah-Lajoie
Guillaume St-Amand

Mathieu Handfield
Mickaël Gouin
Gabriel D’Almeida Freitas


Patrick Bilodeau
Johannie Deschambault

Director of Photography
Christophe Dalpé

Art Directors
Sylvain Lemaitre and Élyse Bédard

Sound Recording & Mixing
Michael Binette